Justice Thunderbird is a musical identity created by Clint Weaner. Clint has played music for decades in a variety of styles and projects. After playing in the Traverse City area for years under his own name he began to expand his style using more effects, creating loops live and continuing to evolve as a songwriter, and thus, Justice Thunderbird was born.

Watching Justice Thunderbird perform is an engaging and surprising experience. Justice creates loops on the fly using his guitar and voice and then masterfully places them creating beautiful music. It sounds like like Ed Sheeran meets Phish to go spend the day on the beach.

Every show has a unique vibe, and a unique setlist curated from his vast collection of original material and fun interpretations of cover songs. There's no telling what's in store as Justice Thunderbird continues to evolve and spread his creative energy all over the land. Come check it out ok?